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A new geospatial planning platform that enriches decision-making and facilitates more inclusive and equitable terrestrial and marine management. 

Support the up-front understanding of the situation or decision, and summarize the projected impacts of potential changes.

Decision Support

Identify potential conflicts and win-win approaches, and understand likely implications of decisions.

Risk Management

Manage trade-offs before investing, build consensus and find opportunities for collaboration.

Spatial Visualization

Visualize the current situation and a range of likely and potential futures based on change and impact models.

HIVE can be applied to issues in many domains.

Watch a brief introduction with a marine example.

In a survey of potential HIVE users, we found that more than half of respondents are lacking information about stakeholders and the things they value.

Understand your decision landscape or seascape by documenting the stakeholders, their values, the relevant regulations, datasets, models, and change drivers, and graphically visualizing the relationships among them.

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We are a diverse team with 50+ years of experience in software development, geographic information systems, natural resource management and conservation, decision support, and environmental consulting.

Watch a presentation with land-use examples from forested landscapes.

We are currently focusing on requirements for the spatial features of HIVE, including summary tables and graphs linked to baseline and projection maps, and the differences between them.

Get in touch to work with us and customize HIVE based on your needs.


See what our partners have to say:

"Canadian Forest Service and our partners require interactive, exploratory tools to facilitate broadly informed decision making. HIVE Geospatial is helping meet our project needs in this regard, and we are pleased to be co-development partners." 

(Doug Piercey, Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada)

“HIVE Geospatial has been an invaluable tool in assisting Barnett Clarke Associates evaluate and interpret complex data. BCA employed this web-based decision support tool to effectively collect and contextualize socioeconomic data gathered from stakeholders. Clients will be particularly pleased with the tool’s capability to characterize and visualize relationships among data records.”

(Wade Bowers, Ph.D., CEO, Barnett Clarke Associates)

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Tel: +1(709)743-7083

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